Every activity is subject to internal inspections to ensure compliance with the quality standards issued by the Quality Assurance office.
This office operates independently inside the company so as to satisfy and guarantee the customer with respect to the applicable standards and quality requirements.
The company employs highly qualified personnel: the welders and the processes are qualified and certified to ASME IX, RACC. "S" ISPESL, DIN, and UNI EN 287-288 standards, issued by bodies such as IIS, ISPESL and others.
The company has its own staff for non-destructive testing to ASNT and UNI EN 473 standards, with level 2 certification.

C.L.A provides appropriate documentation to guarantee total quality: dimensional inspection certificates, N.D. test certificates, pressure test certificates, roughness certificates, etc., in accordance with the customer's own needs.
For this purpose, all the control instruments used are certified and subjected to periodical inspections; the welding machines are also tested to guarantee compliance with the welding parameters laid down by the certified WPS.


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