Mobile Preparation Unite

Mobile preparation units for liquid solutions.
Injectable and oral solutions, syrups, lavages, etc.

Range: from 10 litres to 300-350 litres. CIP and SIP can be connected to plant utilities. Mixing from above or below with magnetic drive guarantees cleanliness, sterility and reduced maintenance

Our preparation systems can be equipped with:
- Electrical resistors for heating the product
- Vacuum pumps
- Loading cells
- Heating liquid recirculation pump
- Lid lifting system


Homologation in conformity with Directive 2014/68/UE (PED) and complete with all
necessary documentation for IQ and OQ certifications.
Homologation pressure
-1+4 in the body
-1+3 in the jacket

Upon request and pending approval, FAT and SAT documents may be issued
Semi-automatic control and command panel
- Automatic process parameter management via PLC
- Recipe (work programme) management
- Thermoregulation management
- Recording and printing
- Touch screen operator panel