Fruit Defroster

Ideal for defrosting small fruit, like elderberries. Conceived with 3 defrosting levels in continuous cycle.
Capacity: from 500 to 6000 kg/h Steam heating. Product in-feed trough a variable pitch feed auger with heated shaft. Automatic thermoregulation. Feeding speed managed by control panel. Temperature controlled.
It is possible to link the device to a tube-type feed auger for frozen products.

Caractéristiques techniques:
- Pression de service corps atmosphérique
- Pression de service chemise et agitateur de -1° à +4 bars
- Température de service de -20°C à +150°C
Finition: Interne polie Ra<0.5μm Externe satinage fin scotch brite (sur demande d’autres finitions disponibles).
Conforme à la Directive Europe 2014/68/UE (PED) (Pressure Equipment Directive)
Conforme à la Directive Europe 2006/42/CE (Machine Directive)