cla company


40moCLA is a well-established company that has been specialising for over 40 years in the production of stainless steel and special alloy products with high quality and technological standards.
The areas of application include:
•    the chemical industry;
•    the pharmaceutical industry;
•    the foodstuffs industry;
•    the energy industry
•    and wherever customised precision processing is required.


CLA is synonymous with safety, guaranteed experience, professionalism and quality. Our design and execution skills are reflected in all our work and in the numerous European companies that have bestowed their trust and preference on us.
We have invested in technology to optimise machining processes and we have invested in human resources to ensure we have the best professionals working for us. These choices have benefited our customers by providing efficient targeted solutions.



Via Vicenza, 2 - 36015 Schio (Vicenza) - Tel. +39 0445 67 30 30 - Tel. +39 0445 67 33 15

Fax +39 0445 51 17 82 - email: cla@claschio.it

web : claschio.it